Bitcoin Will Protect Your Wealth From The Government

The government is a parasite pretending to be our friend. The government wants us to believe that they are in our best interests while enriching themselves, their cronies, and ourselves. Governments exist to support themselves. They don’t shrink; they only get bigger.

This is true for both democracies and dictatorships. Unstated goals are for the 1% and 99% to gain more than they lose. This has been the case throughout human history and still is. Although it sounds harsh, history will show you the truth. This is true for central banks as well as major corporations around the globe. They are rent-seekers.

The Darwinian survival principle of the species is in place, even for governments. They become more extractive the larger they grow. They are more difficult to control the longer they have monopoly power. They’re like a huge organism constantly yelling “FEED ME!”

How can we rein it in? Do you want to see your government shrink? Buy bitcoin. Bitcoin isn’t a parasite. Bitcoin isn’t trying to extract as many from you as central banks and governments do. Bitcoin doesn’t seek to control anyone. Bitcoin removes the stress from investing. Bitcoin is the most efficient savings technology that the human race has ever devised. Bitcoin allows me to save money and not have to learn another career as an investor.

Parasites can be treated with Bitcoin. Like proper food handling, bitcoin is an easy but effective treatment. It is not easy to clean and disinfect the modern financial system. However, a decentralized network that can instantly transfer value is an acceptable remedy. The first step in eliminating the parasite is to remove it from the system by allowing small amounts of freedom through the early OGs. From there, the parasite spreads throughout the organism clearing out corrupt behavior, replacing it with Cantillon benefits, and eventually awakening the society. The last stages of the parasite are self-destructive tendencies that resemble totalitarianism, but this is not a concern for those who are knowledgeable about bitcoin’s decentralization.

Because governments cannot dilute or steal bitcoin’s current or future issuance, Bitcoin can protect your wealth. This is truly amazing.