South African Banking Regulator: ‘De-risking’ Crypto Firms Potentially Creates ‘Opacity in Financial Conduct’

The Prudential Authority in South Africa, South Africa’s largest banking regulator, stated that some banks’ decisions about separating from crypto entities could ‘pose a risk to financial integrity overall’. The Prudential Authority, South Africa’s main regulator of the banking industry, suggested that banks could avoid cryptocurrency entities entirely to weaken their risk management processes. A guidance note was

Finder’s Experts Predict Ethereum Falling to $675 – Long-Term ETH Predictions Lowered Considerably

The price comparison portal Finder has updated its ether ( ETH ) price predictions Monday. It uses weekly and quarterly surveys to measure expert predictions about the future price of ethereum. Finder explained that the company’s most recent quarterly survey was conducted in July and ‘asked 54 industry experts to give their opinions on how ethereum will perform during

Value Locked in Defi Swells by $7 Billion, Tron’s TVL Spikes 34.85%, Ethereum Dominates by 62%

The Bitcoin price is poised for its highest weekly gain since October 2013 thanks to a greater risk appetite on global markets. Bitcoin is poised for its biggest weekly gain since October 2013. This is due to a greater risk appetite on global markets. As of Friday, Singapore’s largest cryptocurrency was up over 13%. If the move continues that

TVP launches a bitcoin-native institutional investment fund series

Trammell Venture Partners is a leading venture capital company. They announced the closure of their first fund, which was specifically designed to support founders working on the Bitcoin/Lightning Network protocol. TVP Bitcoin Venture Fund series is leading the industry to this crucial area of dedicated venture investment. It has reduced the gap in venture financing for Bitcoin-focused