Bitcoin claws back most of losses from this week’s swift plunge

Bitcoin has regained the majority of the eyepopping losses enrolled at the onset of week, demonstrating nay sayers were overly quick to predict the finish of their recent explosion at the contentious digital advantage.

The entire world’s biggest crypto currency jumped just as far as 7.5percent to temporarily top $40 000 back on Thursday, together with crypto peers such as Ether, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin also rising. Bitcoin was trading around $ 3-9 230 at 10:22% in Hong Kong Friday. It’d tumbled over 25 percent at a 24hour span on Sunday and Monday.

‘it will come as no real surprise to anybody who Bitcoin has slipped back quickly,’ composed Craig Erlam, senior market analyst in Oanda Europe. ‘we all are aware that it’s a very explosive tool – that the only real big difference that this time around would be that the absolute numbers now are bigger as a result of its growth throughout the previous month’

A composite of international adoption and retail buyer participation, among other elements, is driving costs higher, in accordance with Mike McGlone, product strategist with Bloomberg Intelligence.

‘This really is an incredibly distinctive phase from the Bitcoin procedure for price discovery that provides a strong rally,”’ he explained.

Formerly: Bitcoin’s Slide Dents Price Momentum Which Dwarfed Every Thing

Bitcoin is coming from a spike a year which saw it profit over 300 percent. Skeptics worry it has run too much, too fast, with lots of saying its progress is emblematic of an industry bombarded with risky behavior. Crypto fans, alternatively, state the redhot profits are siphoned: that the pandemic-ravaged environment swallowed an ideal requirements for its electronic coin amid worldwide central-bank money-printing.

Its own Bitcoin trust, that will be known by its own ticker GBTC, watched average annual investments of approximately $217 million through this stretch.

‘Bitcoin to us may be your top edge of the real estate thesis of 2021 is exactly about,”’ Julian Emanuel of all BTIG said in a interview with Bloomberg Television this past week. He endeavors the coin may reach $50,000 by year round, meaning a 26 percent rally in current levels.

Will Bitcoin become ‘millennial gold’?

2020 has been a red-banner season for Bitcoin , the entire world’s biggest crypto currency.

‘Bitcoin’s contest with golden has already begun inside our thoughts,’ that the JPMorgan strategists wrote.

‘Contemplating how enormous the fiscal investment to gold isalso a crowding out of gold being a’alternative’ currency signals big up side for Bitcoin over the very long run,’ they said.

What’s Bitcoin the gold? The solution is complicated, specially after a golden rally earlier this past week. Value of this prized metal rose to more than 1,900 an oz on Monday, the maximum price in two weeks. At precisely the exact same time frame, that the crypto currency has continued to change.

Since the epidemic of this coronavirus, authorities and central banks also have pumped billions in stimulation in their pandemic-ravaged markets. This has attracted investors toward both the gold and also the crypto currency since they search funds safe from potential inflation.

Bitcoin’s coming old

For fans of golden as an investment, its own appeal is clear. The rare metal’s real life application is observable all over us in the shape of jewelry, coins and other cosmetic things, also it features a lengthy history to back this up. Bitcoin skeptics have pointed into the crypto currency’s shortage of inherent significance as a portion of its most important flaws.

Gold is an adaptable and unchanging asset that lots of traders see less risky compared to, saystocks. The cost tag on Bitcoin would require to boost five fold – to $146,000 per coin – based to fulfill the 575 billion world wide valuation of gold riches held in golden bars, coins or pre-tax capital, JPMorgan said.

‘Millennials and GenZ look at Bitcoin, watch some thing which moved a long time, has since held technically, has maintained bouncing back from most of market-related shocks for it, and also are enamored.’

A December poll from international financial advisory deVere Group revealed that over twothirds of their provider’s millennial customers felt Bitcoin was more preferable to golden because of safehaven advantage.

‘Bit-coin might be dethroned in an production since millennials and younger shareholders, that are socalled’digital natives,”’ believe it competes against stone as a safe haven strength,’ composed deVere Group CEO Nigel Green.

It is’not moving’

While Bitcoin consistently had a number of those possessions of currency , such as being mobile and divisible, it’s had some time, Edwards states, because of this to establish itself in different areas such as durability:’in regard to the system being invulnerable to strike, also at a wider sense, in relation to Bitcoin simply not moving off,’ he explained.

Analyst for internet broker ThinkMarkets Fawad Razaqzada will abide by the characterization of Bitcoin because’millennials’ gold’

‘in the end, it’s distribution is repaired and there was growing demand because of it,’ the genuine definition of something special,’ he explained DW.

In 2020the capability to purchase fractions of just one whole unit of Bitcoin opened the crypto currency till broader public, and obligations services company pay-pal caused it to be feasible for accounts holders to perform online transactions with the crypto currency.

Skepticism around Bitcoin’s future remains strong.

Many predict Bitcoin’s price will course-correct from the forthcoming months, together with shareholders selling while prices will be very high. And Moya among many others remain hoping a robust year before golden.

‘Gold can observe a tentative pull-back, but ought to have a very clear path high for the remaining portion of the calendar year,’ he told DW. ‘Gold will probably gain from safe harbor flows whilst the winter COVID surge will induce authorities to supply more prohibitive steps’

Razaqzada expects listing highs for its product , pointing into a’ongoing increase in source of inexpensive central bank cash’

‘What is more, jewelry requirement for gold should grab while the world economy recovers by the pandemic as time passes,’ he explained.

It’s apparent that silver is around a long time to disappear any time in the future. However, in this circumstance, the last could be less essential than what’s ahead.

‘Regardless of the horrors of this previous calendar year, the tendency will be inexorably towards the bounds of geography and time becoming smaller in practice,”’ said Edwards. ‘We live in a universe where we are feeling comfy being siphoned;… Bitcoin is currently the very liquid asset on Earth.’

Because of this, other crypto currencies, such as runnerup Ethereum, will also be very likely to rise in value and popularity. Several central banks have been also making advances in growing digital monies in their own .

‘Can Bitcoin  have the strength of gold? ‘the present day internet – what we utilize, what we see is, the truth is, maybe 15 yrs of age, 20 in shirts, and no body could consider a universe where the net goes off as of that time. 1 2 decades of age Bitcoin could be 120 years in the majority of other eras of history’

Cannabis Dealer Forfeits $3 Million in Bitcoin – 6,000 More BTC Still Missing

But a more impressive stash of 6,000 bitcoins owned by him, worth roughly $200 million at the present price, continue to be inaccessible to this agency.

Collins allegedly includes two Bitcoin stashes. He agreed to this confiscation of this very first, smaller paychecks at Bray Circuit Court towards the conclusion of December as soon as the agency told an estimate it’d sold the crypto currency.

He leased possessions around Ireland, for example a house in Galway, to cultivate his bud plants. He also harvested, packed, and sold them at Dublin. Then used the profits to purchase Bitcoin in overdue 2011 and ancient 2012. Law enforcement detained him Galway at 20 17, captured some of his own bitcoins, and he had been sentenced to five years in prison. The CAB told Collins he couldn’t maintain his coins that their nation has a claim to these because these were bought from the profits of crime.

The attorneys for your CAB were awarded an arrangement at the conclusion of December to seize the amount by the selling of both Collin’s 8 9 bitcoins, together with assets and cash by the proceeds of their cannabis build houses. The book hauled:

Collins handed a’mnemonic’ key comprising 85 bitcoins and also a code to the following 4 he’d given into his dad right after his arrest.

Justice Alex Owens permitted the purchase price of their 8 9 bitcoins later concerns were raised about hacking and also the high prevalence of the purchase price tag on this crypto currency. Sergeant Pat Lynch told the estimate that Collins admitted the bitcoins were the profits of crime and he had no regrets about those being sold.

But, there’s still another stash of 6,000 BTC, that your agency considers it’s captured despite the fact that it does not need use of. This stash is currently worth roughly $200 million.

After his arrest, the Collins told the CAB that the info required to get into the coins had been scribbled on a sheet of newspaper and concealed at a fly fishing pole, he explained was at the Galway dwelling. He guided CAB officers to come across the fly fishing pole, however when the authorities went searching for this was lost and nobody else knew its where abouts.

Several theories emerged of where the pole may possibly be, for example it had been stolen via an alleged breakin at the residence, delivered to a garbage incinerator at China following the landlord removed your home, or was lost in another way. But, as stated by the news socket, the CAB considers it is merely a question of time until computer advances will let them gain access to the 6,000 bitcoins.

Strong SQL Server Developer with Data Warehouse Experience in NYC (Consultant)

Project Description:

The Senior SQL Server Developer will act as a leader in the design and development of proprietary SQL Server based database code.  Initially, this person will play a lead role in the migration of company’s transactional systems and data warehouse from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005.

  • Participate in analysis of current systems to determine impact of upgrade
  • Define and implement approaches to load and extract data from multiple sources using SSIS
  • Act as a Senior Developer to resolve complex technical issues for the team and review ETL code before migrating to production
  • Build physical ETL processes (stored procedures, VB, Active X, etc.)
  • Teach other team members the differences between SQL Server 2005 and 2000 and how to best implement the changes

In the months following the upgrade, if both parties are in agreement, the Sr. SQL Server Developer would work on the following:

  • Design and develop incremental ETL code for the first two data marts of the Data Warehouse
  • Participate in the design, development, unit testing and documentation of a Data Warehouse Mart as well as SQL Server ETL code for a proprietary Risk Management System
  • Coordinate with Business Systems Analysts and Project Managers to clarify and resolve issues with business requirements

Further details upon interest.

If you are interested in this positon, please email your resume to with job code ‘NJSQL’.


SQL Server DBA: Wayne, NJ


SQL Server Data Base Administrator



The SQL Server Database Administrator’s role is to install, monitor, maintain, consult and implement production and test databases throughout the organization.  The position requires at least 5 years relational database administration experience with the majority of that experience in SQL Server 2000 and 2005.  The DBA will be involved in many levels of the Software Development Lifecycle including, technical design, optimizing database performance, capacity planning and system test support.



▪          Proven ability to communicate with managers, colleagues, and subordinates

▪          Ability to work with large integrated cross functional teams to accomplish the larger mission

▪          Outstanding attitude and a desire to ensure customer success

▪          Configure SQL Server 2005 RDBMS components on Windows OS

▪          Maintain and upgrade database servers

▪          Provide advice to applications and infrastructure staff regarding SQL Server components and configurations; advise developers to write optimal code

▪          Implement database monitoring and make performance recommendations

▪          Create and Maintain database backup scripts and procedures

▪          Has an understanding of and experience with all of the phases of the SDLC.

▪          Provide expertise in T-SQL including queries, stored procedures and triggers

▪          Monitor automated jobs and processes

▪          Ensure optimal performance and conduct tuning of databases and their processes

▪          Resolve problems and issues within the production environment

▪          Conduct capacity planning

▪          Ensures that completed work meets with all IS best practices and policies.

▪          Familiar with data warehousing database design and schema configurations; star and snowflake schema; dimensional modeling; highly de-normalized models

▪          Is willing to administer and support mission critical 24×7 applications.


  • BA/BS degree in Computer Science or related field.
  • Certifications:
    • MCDBA


  • 5-7+ years of information technology experience. Including:
    • 3+ years experience as a SQL Server 2000 / 2005 DBA
    • 5+ years experience as a RDBMS DBA
    • 1+ years experience as a SQL Analysis Server 2005 DBA



  • 2+ years experience SQL Server Reporting services (2000/2005)
  • 2+ years experience SQL Server Analysis Services (2000/2005, 2005 preferred)
  • Experience using ERwin to maintain database schemas and synchronize database models with the physical implementations
  • 3+ years experience SQL Server DTS/IS
  • Experience in very large database environment, support, and administration
  • Understands the relationship between SQL and other Microsoft Application s (Biztalk, SharePoint, etc)



Manager of Business Intelligence

If you are interested in this position, please contact Joe Morris with job code ‘NJSQL’.

Joe Morris



Senior SQL Server Database Administrator: Mountain Lakes, NJ

Do you thrive in an environment where innovation and change are encouraged? If you are a big-picture person who is not afraid to make decisions, take responsibility for them, and strives to complete things on time – we want to talk to you! We continue to raise the bar in innovation and quality and seek people who want to make a real difference in healthcare.

Eclipsys is a leading provider of advanced clinical, financial and management information software and service solutions to more than 1,500 healthcare facilities. Eclipsys empowers healthcare organizations to improve patient safety, revenue cycle management and operational efficiency through innovative information solutions.

Our Technology Solutions Center (TSC) provides a complement of remote-hosting options to our customers including remote processing of Eclipsys and non-Eclipsys applications and disaster recovery. Today, over 100 healthcare organizations are tapping into the expertise, equipment and round-the-clock computing services of the TSC’s state-of-the-art hosting facility based in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. The TSC can host Eclipsys solutions, as well as applications from its strategic partners and other non-Eclipsys applications that complement Eclipsys solutions. The center can provide and maintain all aspects of a Healthcare Organization’s hosted IT infrastructure, including operating systems, database software, systems and database administration, continuous capacity planning and monitoring, and Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure.

We are currently hiring a Senior SQL Server Database Administrator for the TSC. We seek self-starters who are results oriented, work well independently and have excellent customer service skills. You will be approachable, teachable, and a team player with a strong desire to continue learning and expanding your experience in a high impact, client focused environment.

Job Purpose and Scope:
The Senior Database Administrator is responsible for all activities related to installation, administration, and maintenance of computerized relational databases including RDBMS object design, maintenance and migration.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:
• Perform database backups, restores, integrity checks, optimizations, performance tuning, and database troubleshooting.
• Develop custom backup/restore and disaster recovery plans for production servers.
• Design and implementation of data disaster recovery procedures including construction of scripts and programs at the database level
• Installing, configuring, administering and securing production servers.
• Implementing and administering database replication between SQL Server databases, as well as dissimilar databases.
• Upgrading and upsizing databases from earlier versions to the latest versions.
• Develop and support database processes and workflows necessary for product production using DTS packages, stored procedures, batch jobs, and system reports.
• Participate in database support activities throughout the full lifecycle of a project.
• Provide On-call Production Support as needed.
• Problem identification and resolution
• Recommend and use database administration tools which improve support effectiveness and minimize downtime
• Provide support and guidance to maintain and adhere to database standards, backup procedures, and routine and periodic database maintenance processes
• Database Connectivity/Networking – Understand the design and characteristics of SQL Server networking by maintaining optimal performance between databases to resolve latency.
• Follow procedures and plans to monitor database activities including reaciing to alerts and creating new alerts.
• Understanding the requirements for growth and capacity planning, data storage optimization as it relates to performance, and space planning for new business opportunities.
• Review TSC Vision Statement and the Quality Policy periodically and understand TSC’s commitment to excellent client service and continual improvement and conform to these policies and TSC principles at all times.
• Review the Quality System Responsibility Matrix to understand the quality procedures that apply to your specific assignment(s) within the scope of this job position and conform to these procedures, including any reporting (and/or record keeping) responsibilities
• Report any client problem or any service degradation that may cause potential client problems per applicable procedures.
• Communicate improvement ideas that you have regarding the TSC service quality or client satisfaction per established means.

Required Experience:
• 3 plus years experience as a Database Administrator responsible for the design, implementation and support of SQL Server databases.
• Extensive physical database administration experience in supporting MS SQL Server database systems on Windows NT/ 2000/ 2003 platforms.
• Strong working knowledge of relational database management systems and related tools (e.g. Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, OSQL, Profiler, SQL Server Job Agent, Analysis Services and Performance Monitor) is required.
• Strong knowledge of database design, normalization, and data structures
• Possess a solid understanding of SQL queries and transactions in order to recommend strategies to optimally manage database resources and improve performance
• Ability to work from ISO 9000 procedures
• Detail-oriented, able to organize, adjust and prioritize responsibilities accordingly.
• Good verbal and written communication skills
• Strong interpersonal skills

Required Education:
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Desired Skills and Experience:
• IT experience in a healthcare environment a plus
• Datacenter experience a plus
• MCSE/MCDBA preferred

Our employees work as a cohesive team to define and solve problems, develop solutions, and promote our collective objectives. The continued growth and success of Eclipsys is dependent upon the efforts and contributions of every employee. At Eclipsys, our employees truly are our greatest assets.

Consider joining our team. We offer a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits, and an entrepreneurial, innovative, team-oriented environment.

For fastest response, please apply at

Eclipsys is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer

To learn more about Eclipsys and the products and services we provide, please visit

Principals only.


RIP: Ken Henderson, 1966 – 2008

It is with great sadness that I report that at the young age of 41, Ken Henderson passed away on January, 27th.  Many of us are familiar with his many “Guru’s Guide to SQL” books.  I’ve spent many hours with his books. I’m sorry that I never got a chance to meet Ken. So Sad….

Ken’s Books on Amazon.Com:

Kalen Delaney’s Blog Entry regarding Ken: 

Ken’s Blog: 


Crystal Reports 2008: Free 30-Day Trial

Crystal Reports is currently offering a 30 Day Trial available for download so developers can sample first hand the new features and interface.

Please see additional resources listed below:

Crystal Reports 2008 Home Page (Features & Demos/What’s New/Sample Reports)

Webinar – Introduction to Crystal Reports 2008: Productivity and Visualization (Pre-recorded)

Webinar – Getting to Know Crystal Reports 2008: XML, What-If Analysis, and Deployment Options  (Pre-recorded)

Diamond Developer Community for the latest Crystal Reports .NET developer information including white papers, blogs, forums, webinars and more.


NJSQL February 19th Meeting: Stored Procedure Code Generation w/ Kathleen Dollard

We are please to announce that INETA Speaker, Kathleen Dollard will be joining us for the February meeting.   Join us and explore different ways to create stored procedures for general/complex SQL scripting tasks.

Have you ever wanted to generate stored procedures on the fly using the underlying metadata/catalog vews?  How about a simple insert, update, delete stored procedure for every fact table in a Data Warehouse?  Well, you are closer than you think to finding a solution!!!  Code Generation….

Date: Tuesday, February 19th

Time: 6pm(Networking/Refreshments), 6:30pm-8:30pm(Presentation)

Sponsor:  INETA

Refreshments: Pizza/Soda

Give-A-Ways:  TBD

Topic: SQL Server Stored Procedure Code Generation in 2008

Presenter:  Kathleen Dollard
Kathleen Dollard is a consultant, author, trainer, and speaker. She’s been a Microsoft MVP since 1998, wrote “Code Generation in Microsoft .NET” (Apress) and is a regular contributor to Visual Studio Magazine. She speaks at industry conferences such as VSLive, DevConnections, and Microsoft DevDays as well as local user groups. She’s the founder and principal of GenDotNet. Her passion is helping programmers be smarter in how they develop by learning to use Visual Studio, XML related technologies, .NET languages, code generation, unit testing, and other tools to their full capacity. She’s currently working on full life cycle improvements, such as better debugging and capturing business intent in metadata and test definitions. When not working, she enjoys woodworking, snowshoeing, and kayaking depending on the outdoor temperature.

Code generation allows you to output any code – including TSQL. You’ll see how generation combines metadata with templates to produce the code you need. Metadata comes primarily from the database structure, but you can also enrich it with more detail such as the mapping to business objects. You’ll see how a harness can coordinate generation activities extracting metadata, building scripts, and loading scripts with a single button click. While code generation has been around for decades, .NET 3.0 and 3.5 offer significant new opportunities in terms of templates and the code generation the harness process. You’ll see new approaches to templates that work well when creating complex templates and leave ready to incorporate code generation into your own development when and where it’s appropriate.