Bitcoin Storm Review

Bitcoin Storm is an automated trading software for investing in popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. They claim that it is an award winning trading app with laser accurate performance and superior technology. The software works with a broker called, which is owned and operated by Multiexport OÜ and has a registered business address in Tallinn Estonia. Bitcoin Storm claims to be seen on CNN, FT, and TIME.

What is Bitcoin Storm? Either is a Bitcoin Storm scam or legit?

Unfortunately, Bitcoin Storm is just a scam that cannot make you any profit, it was designed to steal your money.

Meanwhile, alternative to this Bitcoin Storm Scam is BinBotPro.

Bitcoin Storm Registration Page

And here you can see 6 documented cases of Bitcoin Storm clones or variants. Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader, and Bitcoin Rush  are just one of over 25 copied websites which we were able to find. All of them use the same sales video and make slight adaptations to the logo and color scheme. This is happening because scammers are lazy and constantly want something which is new and has not been blacklisted so they can trick victims and get them to deposit more effectively.

Bitcoin Storm Cloned App

Bitcoin Storm Signals

Here is the Bitcoin Storm signals panel. Our staff found out it is a kind of white label or turnkey solution which is provided for affiliate marketers in the Forex or cryptocurrency niche. Again ,the template stays the same just the colors and logo alternate depending on the scam which is being promoted.

Bitcoin Storm Signals

Fake Bitcoin Storm Reviews

We have spotted multiple fake Bitcoin Storm reviews and this is happening because there are fake review websites who specialize in the cryptocurrency and Forex niche. They pretend to be legitimate sites, but in reality they are deceiving the public by lying to them and telling potential customers that signing up for systems like the Bitcoin Storm scam will help them make money. They are doing it in order to get affiliate commissions, and that is not acceptable as far as we are concerned.

Bitcoin Storm Fake News

Scammers are smart and understand how to trick viewers. That’s why they use celebrity-based scams in order to promote their fraudulent trading systems, and it works like a charm. Victims usually complain about seeing a fake advertisement on Facebook or some kind of links which redirect them to a preliminary website that looks like a real news website. However, once they click on the links they are directed once more to the Bitcoin Storm website where they are requested to fill out their details. Most complaints usually involve celebrities and high profile individuals like Gordon Ramsay, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Martin Lewis, Shark Tank, Dragons’ Den, Conor McGregor, Singapore business magnate Peter Lim, Daniel Radcliffe, as well as politicians like Jacinda Ardern and Lee Hsien Loong.

Bitcoin Storm Fake News

Tips for new users

We are satisfied with Bitcoin Storm; everyone can make money with the auto trading platform. And here are some of our best tips for new users;

Always start small

It is a good idea to start your earning experience with Bitcoin Storm by investing the minimum deposit of $250. Starting small gives you more chances to study the trading system.

Withdraw your profits

After earning, wait until the payout is calculated and withdraw your earnings. This is a winner’s approach to making money with Bitcoin Storm and saving.

Find a mentor online

You should search for crypto traders who have social media accounts, follow their posts to know the biggest investments in the market.

Trade every day

You only need a few minutes to start the system. It is important that you make trades daily to earn more money from the cryptocurrency market.

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How to start making money with Bitcoin Storm

Here are some of the best tips we have written for beginners who need to earn money from the cryptocurrency market;

Start small

It is a great idea to start with a small deposit as a first-time investor. This allows you to study the trading system.

Withdraw your profits

Always withdraw your profits after the live trading session is stopped.

Trade everyday

Create a flexible schedule that allows you to use the auto trading feature every day.

Use a good computer

Always ensure that the connectivity and battery level on your computer or mobile device is at its peak during your trading session to avoid an abrupt shutdown of the system when a trade is in progress.

Does Bitcoin Storm have a mobile app?

No, we did not find a mobile app, we used web browsers to access Bitcoin Storm. Any web browser will work, whether you use mobile devices or laptops.

Bitcoin Storm Review: The Verdict!

After testing all the features of Bitcoin Storm, we will happily recommend the auto trading platform to everyone. We are confident that all investors will earn money and can withdraw your earnings to a bank account.

Bitcoin Storm is an excellent auto trading platform.

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How much does it cost to pay for a Bitcoin Storm account?

It is free to open an account. No fees required.

Can anyone use Bitcoin Storm?

Yes, it is an open auto trading platform for everyone.

Have celebrities endorsed Bitcoin Storm?

No, there have been no celebrity endorsements at the time of writing this reply.

How can I start making money with Bitcoin Storm?

It is a simple process, after creating an account, you will be able to make a deposit and start using the auto trading system. The trading robots do all the work.