The News Spy Review

What is The News Spy?

The News Spy is marketed as a piece of ‘high-tech’ trading software.

That’s supposedly able to scan ‘hundreds of relevant news sources 24/7’ to give you an edge over the markets and allow you to make ‘£1,500 daily’.

But that’s not how The News Spy works at all.

The true purpose of The News Spy’s website is to trick you into depositing £250 (or more) with an unregulated broker.

And for reasons that I’ll reveal in just a moment.

There’s an exceptionally high probability that you’ll NEVER see that money again.

Who’s Behind The News Spy?

Although this scam has its variations.

It’s likely that the people behind The News Spy website are affiliated with the scam broker.

Which means that The News Spy will make money when they refer a new ‘victim’ to the broker.

And they may also take a percentage cut of the money lost by the ‘trader’ to the broker.

The broker will make money simply by enticing you to deposit more and more cash.

And then do everything they can to prevent you from withdrawing it.

Features of The News Spy Software

News Intelligence Hub

You cannot compare the performance of this News Spy Software with any other software because it combines human analysis with the automation of news-collection for a better result. The industry has been waiting for the best news software that performs two different functions – making money online and getting accurate news.

Dedicated Analysis Team

We have a group of analysts and that have many years of experience in online money making. They are very good at analyzing each processing news report carefully to make sure that the highest quality of the news is delivered. This makes us always stay one step ahead of the market and making sure every user of the Software is getting enough profit online.

Easy To Use

Since the News Spy Software does all the work for you, it does not only make the software easier to use but also an incredible time saver. You don’t need the attention of an expert or to study the market news daily to use this software.

Does The News Spy Really Work?

The company claims that they recruit the analyst’s team based on the following criteria:

  1. Good and considerable years of experience in money-making online.
  2. Good analysis skills analyzing news reports.
  3. The content delivery skill of the analysts should be supreme.

Since such tight norms are followed, they say that their app has more advantages. They say that the app’s prediction of Bitcoin price movements is exact. The analysis is done instantly here. The company claims that the app’s prediction is much earlier.

Before other apps even realize the possibility of a price change, The News Spy predicts and acts on those lines. Going by this logic it is understandable that profit will be more.

Their website quotes numerous examples of such real prediction incidents. It is shocking to see that the predictions did happen rightly because Bitcoin is economically vital.

How to Check Whether The News Spy Is a Scam or Legit?

The News Spy app was founded by John Mayers. He is a famous figure among Cryptocurrency investors. He has spent years of research and development of similar apps.

The site looks simple and easy to operate. A person has to complete the following steps in order to become a member:

  • First step:The home page prompts for signing up for new users. The user has to give simple details like name, password, email id and phone number. The site does not ask for any other detail.
  • Second step:The site does not levy any fees for installing the app. The demo usage is also offered as free for the user. However, for starting the actual trading, the user needs a trading account. The minimum amount required to open a trading account is $250. All the credit cards and payment methods are accepted.

  • Third step:The app offers a demo account which the user can use for practice. This can be used for learning the trade tricks and memorizing them. Demo accounts in all the Bitcoin apps generally make the user learn the various options. This will help in making real trading without difficulty. It is quite natural that investors may fear using real funds in some unknown app. For these people, the demo account can be helpful.
  • Final step:When the user is familiar with the app, he can begin the real Bitcoin trading. There are two ways to engage in trading. Trading can be done manually. Automatic bots can be used for trading. This does not wait for instructions from the user. It works on predefined limits and trading is done automatically.

The other apps which trade in Bitcoins completely rely on robots. They claim that human emotions are not involved. However, investment needs human prudence. That is where the dedicated analysis team of ‘news spy’ app comes to the picture.

The app collects news from various sources. All these are analyzed at great speed. Based on the analysis the Bitcoin price movement is predicted. The app thus guides the investors to buy or sell Bitcoins at a huge profit. Hence the app claims it is more reliable and profitable.

On the internet, we could find many user testimonials claiming that they could make $1500 per day from this app

No regulatory supervision

Furthermore, there is absolutely no regulatory guarantee about the whole product. The people behind the website do not fall under any regulatory oversight and their hands are untied to do pretty much as they wish. They also lack SSL encryption which compromises any information transferred through the website.

Last, but not least – the mere way in which such operations look for funds should raise major security concerns. If News Spy truly did offer an exciting and legitimate product, it would have found an alternative way of financing itself, instead of relying on cheap traffic through a cheesy bait-clicking commercial about itself. They could apply for a credit at the bank or raise money through crowd-funding. Although, in order to do that successfully, they have to be legitimate – which they most likely are not.

All in all, News Spy comes across as a standard scam operation – the likes of which we have seen a lot – and we advise those interested not to risk it.

Opinion Disclaimer: the content in this review is ultimately a reflection of my own opinions and is not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, anyone, or anything.

Are you thinking about getting involved with The News Spy?

Please don’t.

Because as I’m about to reveal in this genuine News Spy review.

The whole thing is just a rehash of the classic binary options and crypto scams.


Can You Make Money With The News Spy?

Absolutely not.

I’ve seen this type of scam more times than I can remember.

And I’ve never heard of a single person making any money.

Does the App Prevent Withdrawal?

There are few apps which prohibit the withdrawal of the amount invested. However, this app does not place any such restriction. User testimonials reveal that a withdrawal was made within 10 hours of making the request.

There are many such testimonials in the website which you yourself can verify. The app is accessible to almost all nations of the world. It allows withdrawal in currency preferred by the investor. The amount is credited to the bank account of the investor once the withdrawal request is made. The app does not stipulate any lock-in period also.