SQL Server 2005 SP3 – Your Vote is Needed!!!

The current “buzz” about SQL Server is the upcoming release of SQL Server 2008 and all the new features that will help to revolutionize the way data is used.  This is awesome and it’s great that Microsoft is sticking with their promise to release new versions of the product every 2-3 years.  But, I feel it’s just as important for Microsoft to focus on the quality of the current version that is being used on production systems today.

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Verbage from connect.microsoft.com: 

Since Service Pack 2 was relelased, numerous bugs have been fixed. They are available in cumulative update packages (6 to date). However, Microsoft recommends customers not to install these cumulative updates unless affected by one of the fixed bugs. That creates a dilemma for SQL Server administrators. You do not want to install a package if Microsoft recommends against it, but you also want to take pro-active action so that you can squash the bug BEFORE it affects you.

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