Author: Kristen Dean

How Bitcoin could impact the cyber-threat landscape

Over the last ten years, Bitcoin has evolved by a proof-of-concept where early adopters utilized the money for illegal actions on darknet marketplaces, into some officially traded commodity. Now, 20 Bitcoins will be worth almost $760,000. Legally, Bitcoin has created lots of people wealthier than their wildest dreams. The escalating valuation has additionally made some

BlackRock Filings Hint at Bitcoin Futures Trading

BlackRock Inc. said in regulatory filings for just two of its capital Wednesday it may possibly trade-in Bitcoin futures, agreeing considerable risks connected to the cyber money. Black-rock revealed the movement in filings because of the BlackRock Global Allocation Fund, Inc. along with BlackRock Funds V. On the list of risk factors enclosing such holdings,”’A

Will Bitcoin become ‘millennial gold’?

2020 has been a red-banner season for Bitcoin , the entire world’s biggest crypto currency. ‘Bitcoin’s contest with golden has already begun inside our thoughts,’ that the JPMorgan strategists wrote. ‘Contemplating how enormous the fiscal investment to gold isalso a crowding out of gold being a’alternative’ currency signals big up side for Bitcoin over the

SQL Server DBA: Wayne, NJ

FUNCTIONAL TITLE SQL Server Data Base Administrator   DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES The SQL Server Database Administrator’s role is to install, monitor, maintain, consult and implement production and test databases throughout the organization.  The position requires at least 5 years relational database administration experience with the majority of that experience in SQL Server 2000 and 2005.  The DBA

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 – Releasing in Q3

Last Friday, a Microsoft Blog () announced that SQL Server 2008 will not be released until the 3rd Quarter of 2008. This news isn’t unexpected and I’m sure a lot of SQL Server Professionals out there will enjoy having their “2008 Summer Vacation” to get up to speed with SQL Server 2008.  Enjoy the extra time!!! SQLDiva